“We treat humans, not symptoms or diagnoses.
We support the regulatory forces in the human,
which brings healing from the inside.”
Dr. Thomas Rau — Paracelsus Klinic, Switzerland

Biological Medicine Is The Future Of Natural Medicine!

You are a holistic, biological entity and that is why one of our fundamental healing modalities is Advanced Biological Medicine.

Modern Biological Medicine was developed by the influences of modern physics of photons and discoveries about magnetism, electronic charges, and the fluids of cells. Although Biological Medicine is based on Orthodox Medical knowledge, its effectiveness is based more on discoveries in modern physics. And… it also integrates various alternative healing methods, some of which have been successfully used for thousands of years.

Biological medicine is effective because it influences the inner environment of your cells. It detoxifies your cells, deals with the intercellular substances, and eliminates metabolic waste.

Advanced Paracelsus Clinic at Lustmuhle

Did you know that biological medicine has been practiced for over 70 years at various clinics in Europe, such as the Paracelsus Clinic at Lustmuhle, Switzerland? The video below explains a bit more about Biological Medicine….

Results in 3-Phases!

We follow Dr.Rau’s 3-Phase Program because it works! Everyone knows how important detoxification is, but we also need to ensure your system’s regulators are balanced as well.

The disease usually starts in the intestinal tract so it is vital to healing your GI tract.

And, of course, we need to restore and rebuild tissue to complete the process. This is the path to healing, but first we need to know what is wrong…

Think Functional Medicine Instead Of Symptom Masking Medicine…

Biological medicine is based on a way of thinking that is different from that of modern-western orthodox medicine. We think “functional” : every symptom has a meaning and a cause which are the body’s response to an internal disturbance. The methods of biological medicine uncover disturbances and burdens of the body’s inner milieu and show ways to treat:

  • Chronic diseases

  • Metabolic disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies etc.

  • Overweight issues

  • Heart and lung diseases

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

  • Neurological disorders

— Dr. Thomas Rau M.D., Switzerland

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Our Wellness Center practice Biological Medicine and Certified Under Dr. Rau.
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