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Take The Easy, Smart Way To Get A REAL Snapshot Of Your Health… And Consult With An Expert About What To Do That Will Actually Bring Results!

Take the guesswork of what is going on in your body BEFORE a nasty disease develops… Doesn’t that make sense? Our Introductory Profiling Scan Assessment includes:

  • Max Pulse Scan (MPS) will reveal a lot about your current state of your body’s systems, stress response, the level of functional status of your organs, etc. This is how to discover what’s causing your problems…

  • You also get a consultation about the results immediately after with Dr. Sammy with your personal copy of the Max Pulse result…

You will gain the knowledge of the critical information about your current health and wellness status. Knowing disease probability is the key to the direction for healing.

 Please come 10 – 15 minutes early for the paperwork. Also, it is important to rest at least for 10 minutes before the body electric scan

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