Many Distressful Symptoms Show Up When Your Body Systems Are Weakened… Whatever You Are Experiencing, Know That We Can Help!

It certainly can be disturbing… cancer rates are climbing, heart disease like high blood pressure is everywhere. Depression is rampant and so is chronic fatigue, intestinal issues, and everything in between. Medical science is struggling with determining causes and solutions for conditions such as fibromyalgia, weird rashes, and even bizarre mood swings.

How do we deal with all these issues? One extremely helpful tool is advanced technology… because our bodies are so complex; sometimes it is too difficult for simple blood tests to see what is wrong with us. You will be amazed what our bio-scanning technology will reveal!

Your biochemistry is as unique as you are and that is why we need to need to know YOUR specific data. Because, in order to get well, you first have to know what exactly is wrong. It Is knowledge of your own body that produces optimum healing…

Are You Plagued With Periods Of Depression? Or Irritating Anxiety? Or Just Frustrating Mental Fogginess?

There are many, many things that can trigger these symptoms! Actually, many clients we work with are often surprised to realize how many symptoms they have without recognizing them…

Dealing with symptoms like these can leave you feeling alone, and what is worse is the feeling of not having any direction about how to feel better. Solutions are available now, just take some action and call us: 604-716-4530…

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Do You Know That Blood Sugar Issues Are More Dangerous Than Most Realize?

Do you have some blood sugar issues already? You know, all a sudden you run out of energy! Many do not worry about getting diabetes, because they think it is just an irritation. The truth is actually the reverse… Diabetes is now classed as the biggest epidemic disease in the world! And it is dangerous!

It is one of the major triggers for chronic fatigue, mental fogginess, cardiovascular diseases, weight gain, mood disorders, and many more conditions! These are all connected to blood sugar issues… Once insulin resistance starts, it can trigger all types of negative cascading effects on the whole body.

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What Causes PMS, Hot Flashes, And Mood Swings? Hormonal Imbalance That’s What!

To be frank, hormonal imbalances can leave you feeling miserable! When this delicate and intricate system goes faulty, all kinds of problems show up… and it can seriously disrupt your life!

Have you experienced them? How about a sudden hot-flash out of the blue? Maybe the embarrassment when you get a face flush or when you perspire excessively at night? Have you been waking up in the middle of the night with night sweats?

All of these symptoms are usually signals from your body that something bigger is going on! Please call 604-716-4530 and set up an appointment and let’s take care of this now…

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Many Are Suffering With Strange Ailments That Are Actually Allergies And Food Sensitivities! This Is Called Atopic Illness…

There are numerous annoying symptoms we suffer that the cause of it is actually our food. And sometimes those symptoms can be painfully sharp!

Here are just some of the symptoms of food allergies: eczema, bloating and abdominal pain, skin rashes, itching, gastro-oesophageal reflux, loose and or frequent stools, constipation, blood or mucus in the stools, redness around the anus, tiredness, poor growth, etc. All of these symptoms can be signs of a food allergy.

Call us (604-716-4530) to uncover the root causes and work on them instead of managing symptoms…

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Exciting New European Skin Rejuvenation Technology Is Here!

  • Anti-Aging
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation

  • Vascular Skin

  • Filling Lines and Wrinkles
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We Also Have Amazing New Technology For Body Sliming And Hair Care!

  • Anti-Cellulite

  • Anti-Flaccidity

  • Anti-Stretch Marks

  • Scalp/Hair Growth /Trichology
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Did You Know That Many Spend Thousands Of $$$ On Supplements That They Do NOT Need?

We want to be well, so we buy supplements… but are they all a good idea? Remember, the supplement business is a business after all. They want to sell you their products, and some are very good, but perhaps you have been programmed to believe this stuff.

If you have been taking all the miracle supplements in the world and still feel exhausted, fatigued with mental fog, you should seriously consider coming in to take a closer look your biochemical individual makeup.

This is truly the key… your chemistry is as unique as your fingerprints! This is why bio-scanning is so important… it deals with YOUR specific makeup, not a universal concept that everyone is the same.

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Has Every Day Become An Effort Because You Feel Exhausted, Like You Have Chronic Fatigue?

Life itself becomes a drag when one has to struggle to get through daily routine! Is this going on with you? Do you feel tired all the time and it does not matter what you do, it just does NOT get better? Another common fatigue problem is that you feel fine and wham! Suddenly your energy crashes and you don’t know why…

At the Health Monitoring Centre, we will uncover the reasons why you are tired all the time. Using our cutting-edge technology, we check for imbalances in your vital organ functions. This is the path to wellness!

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Have You Been Feeling Some Heart Pulsing Or Been Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure?

They say high blood pressure is the silent killer for a reason. It is dangerous… but what is causing it? That is what we want to know and is why we do bio-scanning.

Do you have any type of history of cardiovascular issues or any of the following risk factors? If so, come on in right away…

  • Atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, irregular heartbeats

  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina

  • Obesity, diabetes, chronic stress, chronic kidney disease

  • Menopause (or early menopause)

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You Know That YOU Are In Charge Of Your Health… And The Smartest Thing You Can Do Is To Ensure You Are Well!
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