Is Fatigue Sucking The Joy
And Motivation Out Of Your

The Good News Is That Exciting New Science Has Now Made
It Possible To Restore Your Vitality And Get Your Zest Back!

Are You Suffering From Some Of These Distressing Symptoms…

  • Foggy brain
  • Overall lethargic feeling – no spark

  • Lack of motivation

  • Struggle to wake up in the morning

  • Frequent desire to nap

  • Sudden energy crashes

The silent distress of living with chronic fatigue is really a secret prison that few understand… Many get addicted to coffee which doesn’t really work anymore.

If you are longing to return to normal and start waking up refreshed with a clear mind, please contact us, we truly can help!

Corina P
Surrey, BC / CEO, JQ Clothing Ltd

Nothing worked until I started Dr. Sammy's individualized program.

I am so grateful everyday, every morning when I go to work. I feel so much better.

The Secret Is To Track Down The Specific Cause Of That Life-Draining Fatigue

Once we know the cause, we can deal with those specifics and then… you get better by correcting imbalances! It really is that simple. However, discovering the cause of chronic fatigue can be complicated and that is why we at Health Monitoring Center use Bio-Scanning. Our cutting-edge technology scans for electro-chemical imbalances in the following systems:

  • Stress hormone biomarkers: adrenal and thyroid hormone

  • Brain biomarkers: brain neurotransmitters

  • Sugar biomarkers: insulin resistance, beta cell function, metabolism

  • Key major organs: liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines

  • pH balance, ANS (nerves), Nitric oxide

The Solution Is To Get Your Personal And Customized Energy Restoration Plan

Each human body is different (chemical imbalances and Genetic Predispositions, etc.). That is why you need to know YOUR biomarkers in health imbalances in order to truly understand what is causing your fatigue.

Once we have the measurements, then it is possible to make an effective plan to achieve homeostasis (your ideal balance of health). Using our natural remedies and therapies, you should find that you regain your energy, refreshing sleep, mental clarity, and the natural zest for life.

Then, as you start the customized wellness program for your fatigue, we will track your progress by measuring all the above biomarkers. Our goal is to see improvement in all those markers which will impact how you feel. We will advise you about specific supportive remedies and therapies as we move along your healing path.

It is so easy to keep focusing on symptoms, and that is why they persist! Until you deal with the specific health imbalances of the chronic fatigue, how can the symptoms go away?

So… are you ready to regain your energy?

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