About Sammy Oh, Ph.D. DNM

I am Sammy Oh, Board certified Doctorate in Natural Medicine (Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners #2813-603), D.N.M, C.B.S, C.S.M.S, a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, Certified Biofeedback Specialist, and Certified Stress Management Specialist. I am also the Founder of the Health Monitoring Center, which I started in 2006.

Our office is unique.

We offer technologically advanced scanning that measures your body’s deficiencies and imbalances at a cellular level. When a human body suffers from deficiencies and imbalances long enough, the long-term result is usually some type of debilitating disease. Our scanning technology is rarely, if ever, seen here in Canada, and I had to travel extensively in Europe to study this clinically advanced methodology. Twenty-years of study and research has led me to my current medical philosophy – “If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it and what can be measured can be improved.”

My life’s mission is to assist as many people as I can to achieve Optimum Health. The key lies in quickly and efficiently assessing the body’s deficiencies and imbalances. Discovering the source of the illness is essential in the pursuit of Optimum Health; only then can effective treatment begin. Otherwise, we are only treating symptoms, which is the main reason many do not get better.

My journey of discovery into health started with my own health crisis. I suffered from chronic fatigue and other undiagnosed illnesses for many years in my younger years. It truly was my dedication to get well through research, training, and discipline that transformed my life. Consequently, after two decades of active involvement in this field, I realized that the answers lay in the accurate and scientifically valid methods of measuring the body’s inner workings. This is what our scanning methods do; they give us valuable information at a cellular level.

If you are ready to begin your journey towards Optimum Health, I would be honoured to take the next step with you.

About Chris Serack

Registered Acupuncturist R.Ac
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, TCMP
Shiatzu Massage Practitioner
Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist / Certified Biofeedback Specialist

Experts know that good, vibrant health is more than just consuming the right food and exercise, etc. The body is very intricate, and everything needs to be in balance. Balance means that equal attention must be given to nutrition, structural alignment, emotional stability, organ efficiency, and hormone production. This is why I believe in balance and why Chinese Medicine is so effective—it deals with balancing body systems.

To be in prime health, one must look at diagnosis as not being as simple as defining a medical problem. The important factor to focus on is assessing what is broken within the balances of body systems. Maintaining balances between body systems is more important than assessing symptoms in a holistic diagnosis.

Here is an example of how your systems integrate: A headache may originate in the cranium, but usually, headaches are triggered by imbalances between body systems. When nutrition is poor, for example, it affects emotional stability and therefore triggers muscle tension, which pulls the spine out of alignment. All these imbalances may trigger chronic headaches, and that is why the body needs to be “re-aligned.”

My 12 years of learning and practicing various medical arts have given me a broad perspective from which to understand body imbalances. I have now fine-tuned these to use a multi-disciplinary approach to assessing patients. The secret to health is to look for the fundamental cause of disease, to which symptoms are only a guide.

I follow the traditional Chinese approach to diagnosis, looking for imbalances in your body meridians (electrical pathways). However, contemporary biofeedback training has also given me the ability to use cutting-edge technology for diagnosis as well. The combination of traditional and modern perspectives allows a complete picture of a patient’s total condition.

Although I have had a natural interest in holistic medicine since youth, my involvement into it was magnified at 21 when I began to have serious unexplained back problems. Then I injured my back at work! My healing journey was difficult as I jumped from one chiropractor to another, one acupuncturist to another, one massage therapist to another. I tried neurofeedback, I tried biofeedback, I tried cranial sacral therapy, and I tried conventional medicine. But nothing worked by itself until I began to piece together different kinds of practices from different therapies. That is when I began to improve! I discovered the secret first hand—balance was truly the key! Health is always about achieving balances between major body systems, and that includes emotional dynamics.

After a twenty year journey of healing pain, including my own, I believe less-and-less in invasive treatments, and especially avoiding the destructive side effects of synthetic drugs. The body is amazing because when given the proper support, over time, it will adjust and heal itself. We just need to be patient!

My methodology focuses on total relaxation and treatment that is as painless as possible. When the body is given the correct stimulation, it will seek to heal itself in a natural and lasting way

About Anda Bosnea

Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner
Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner
Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is a famous health quote, but Anda says, “Learning to cook to enjoy and relish that healthy food is another secret to zestful living!”

Anda is fully invested in improving wellness by promoting the body’s innate power to heal using natural and nutritional methods. Her belief is that food provides health benefits only if it is nutritious, tasty and fully enjoyed. Coupled with many years of experience and her advanced education, Anda is now a knowledgeable resource in today’s confusing world of nutrition as well as being an effective holistic practitioner.

Growing up in a small European town laid the groundwork for her education and love of healthy living. First watching, and then participating, she learned how to prepare traditional recipes using whole and simple ingredients bought directly from local farmers. This is how humanity is supposed to eat! As a holistic nutritional practitioner, Anda is always learning more as she continues her studies on beneficial food and plants. Anda’s family always relishes in her traditional recipes, and their health is maintained and enriched by her broad knowledge of the variety of ingredients found in the West Coast markets.

She is the go-to professional that can answer your questions and you break free from dietary “Do’s and Don’ts.” She uses both her knowledge and creativity to customize and adapt menus and recipes, easy-to-make meals, and balanced combinations of whole foods rich in nutrients, specifically designed with each individual client in mind. Anda will collaborate with you suggesting favorable lifestyle improvements and how to create meals with the best nutritional properties for your particular needs.

Anda is a gem! She is always pleasant and engaging, friendly and open, and she enjoys partnering with her clients in their pursuit of well being. She will inspire you.

Our Desire Is To Help You Overcome Your Wellness Issues!

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Public Notice:

Natural Medicine is a generic term which refers to all practitioners who do not engage in diagnosis, disease prognosis, disease treatment, prescribing drugs and surgery. The basic premise of natural medicine is that ill health is nothing more than imbalance or disequilibrium. The expression of symptoms is the body’s attempt to re-establish balance. Traditional Natural Medicine practitioners’ main emphasis is on guiding their clients to wellness. Naturopathic Medicine is one subset of the generic term “Natural Medicine.” Sammy is a traditional Natural Medicine Practitioner within the definition of the general generic term Natural Medicine. Practitioners using the designations as DNM are not Naturopaths as attained a doctoral(Ph.D) level of education, they are not Naturopaths.