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I have been extremely sick for a long time.  Needed to have multiple ER visits and doctors couldn’t help much as I have a blood disorder condition called Sickle Cell Disease. I also suffered from digestive issues and other things I could not figure out myself which led me to be hospitalized quite a bit. Then I found Dr. Sammy and read about her on the internet on how she is good with holistic health care. She helped me build up my immune system.The one thing that saved my life was the supplements Dr. Sammy recommended. I was able to eat foods without the horrible stomach cramps!

Victoria Harvey, Surrey, BC

I was referred to Dr. Sammy by a friend. Before I saw her, I have seen many specialists doctors and had done many tests for my chronic pain and digestive issues. But they were not able to find anything wrong with me. Dr. Sammy ran a few tests and I was able to see what was the problem that caused my condition. With her guidance, in 2.5 months later, I already feel so much better.

I believe everybody, everyone on earth should come to get the scannings done and see what’s possible for their health.

Michaela Vaclavik, Port Moody, BC

I love the scanning. It is the one thing that kept me going. It kept me informed of what’s going on with my body when I have no idea. I was quite all over the place. I had a lot of anxiety, my hormone was out of balance, a lot of food sensitivities.

It’s just the scanning kept me moving forward to improve my health. I am grateful for that. The scanning is a great tool.

All my health issues have improved substantially.

Ilona Sargeant, Surrey, BC

When your brain doesn’t function optimally, it affects everyday life. Feeling stuck and can’t move forward as freely as you would. My Anxiety and Raynaud’s which is immune disorder improved so much with Dr. Sammy’s care. She understands and cares about my condition and I feel confident recommending her to anyone who has brain concerns.

Laura T. Surrey, BC

It’s great to know what supplements works for me what don’t. Get the guessing out of my mind is huge stress relief. I feel I need survive life, aging, and stress. I want to age gracefully. Dr. Sammy’s program gives me all the right things for me to achieve that in one package. Her scanning is just so amazing that it shows exactly how I feel and what I need to fix the problem. I feel so much better. I am happy that I don’t need to guess for my health anymore!

Dawn Taitinger, Surrey, BC

I really like all these tests. When my friend referred me to Dr. Sammy, I was skeptical about it. Then, I started seeing the benefit of Dr. Sammy’s program and it made sense to me. It’s great to see my health improvement and see the progress visually by the scannings. I have been on Dr. Sammy’s program for 1.5 years and I feel great.

Stephanie Mogg, Richmond, BC

My hormone imbalances improved quickly in 2 weeks. I also appreciate her rate. It is much more affordable than other doctors. Thanks, Dr. Sammy!

Madiha Tufail, Surrey, BC

I suffered from IBS, Fibromyalgia, Thrombosis and severe anemia. As a result of Dr. Sammy’s program, my hemoglobin is now in the normal range. I had an ultrasound of my arm last week, and the clot is completely gone. As the technician and radiologist said, “There’s no sign of it.” They were puzzled as to how it went from getting bigger to disappear in 4 weeks. I don’t have to take warfarin or any other anticoagulant!

My symptoms of fibromyalgia and IBS are decreasing steadily. I was walking with a cane before I went to Dr. Sammy, and I could only walk very short distances. I can now walk without the cane for a couple of kilometers at a time.

My energy is steadily increasing, and I am going back to college next week!

Robin McKenzie, Surrey, BC

I suffered from stress and fatigue for a long time. After Dr. Sammy’s program, my sleep, fatigue, and asthma all improved. I used to have a weak immune system but now, my friends are sick with cold and flu but I don’t get sick anymore.

Lynn Bain, Surrey, BC

I had life threatening situations a few years ago. Then, I started taking my health very seriously. I had a very bad concussion and main artery blowout which affected the whole body. I had a heart attack too. I believe monitoring my health once or twice a month is very important. Nobody will take care it if I don’t take care of my own health.

Dr. Sammy is great to work with. I know working on my health is not a short term situation and it is long term situation. Because I want to get better and then maintain it healthy. I feel Dr. Sammy have helped me multiple things all at once. We have resolved a few my health issues last 3 months and I am very happy with her program.

Dave Kozak, Port Moody BC

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